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At Roll2Play, we are not just a retail store, we are building a community. We offer a huge variety of games both new and old.   Our staff is knowledgeable and can help you pick out a game that you will love and can share with your gaming group or family/friends.

With lots tables for open gameplay, tournaments and many events, we are a place you can bring your friends and your family. We have a large gaming library that is available for use so you can find a game that appeals to you best. Come check us out and all that we have to offer




    150 S. Denton Tap Road
    Suite 111
    Coppell, TX 75019

    Store Hours
    Sun-Tues: 11:00am – 9:00pm
    Wed-Sat: 11:00am – 10:00pm



    Roll2Play‘s staff is dedicated to growing the local community through gaming. We try to make everyone feel at home at the store and at the different events that we host. You will find us at many of the local conventions and events. Many of the schools and daycares have us come as visitors where we teach kids how to play games, learn social etiquette and so much more!

    Drew Oliver is one of the employees you may never see, she works behind the scenes at Roll2Play. She works on all the back of house things that need to be done, including making connections with schools or companies, helping with social media, and creating promotional advertisements. You may never see her at the store […]

    Kevin Foster hails from West Texas where he’s been involved in gaming one way or another since the mid-90s. He’s been going to Roll2Play as a customer since 2012 after moving to the area, and started working for Tiffany officially in 2013, attending and working conventions as well as the store on a regular basis. […]


    Roll2Play is more than just a place to purchase games. We pride ourselves in providing programs for schools and other community events. Check out what we have to offer and how we help out the community by clicking one of the links below.

      Sat, November 28th, 10am to 11:30pm

      3 for 2!

      This day is special as it is the buy three for two deal. This is the time to stock up on games that you have been eyeing for awhile.

      The lines will be long at the mall and big boxes. Here you can relax, play games and enjoy the company!

      If it was anything like last year, it was steady busy and lots of fun. We will have hot cider and other warm beverages.

      Tiffany Franzoni

      I believe gaming brings people together. With the huge resurgence of board games, dice games, and card games, many folks are taking breaks from video games and reconnecting with their friends, family, and/or co-workers over table top gaming. My goal with Roll2Play is to build a healthy and positive community around gaming. Anyone can see my passion with this goal with in the large and still growing community and the outreach programs that we do. I am very lucky to have a staff that shares this passion of gaming.

      tiffanyquarky tiffany tiffanycake TiffanyDevil

      I firmly believe that we, as human beings, should strive to make the world a better place. This means putting your pride aside and seeing beyond what you know and are comfortable with.

      Tiffany Franzoni
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      Game of the Week

      We have a large selection of games at Roll2Play, and here we will show off a few of the games that we have. Not only are these games for sale but many of them you can find in our library to try out, for free at the store or for five dollars and you get to take it home for a week. There are so many great games, if any of these peek your interest stop by the store, ask our staff about them, sit down and play.

      • King of Tokyo ($40.00) – Iello Games
      • Khet 2.0

      Our Game of the Week this time around is Munchkin: Adventure Time!

      Get ready for a totally flippin’ awesome adventure in the Land of Ooo, with this sweet new twist on the classic game of Munchkin. Play as Finn, Marceline, or one of your other favorite characters who know a thing or two about looking for trouble and scoring sweet loot! With help from pals like Tree Trunks or Susan Strong, and wielding the power of The Enchiridion, Nothung, or the mighty Axe-Bass, foes like Me-Mow, Ricardio, and Ice King don’t stand a chance at jacking up your biz-wiz!

      You can play this version on it’s own, or jam-mash it with other Munchkin games to add to the role-playing, monster-slaying, treasure-grabbing action.
      Join us at the store for game demos, how-tos, and a Munchkin: Adventure Time tournament on December 22nd, at 7:00pm sharp! It’s gonna be rad!